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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The Drinkery Anniversary


Hello everyone!

We had a great week of celebration last week, and we can't thank you enough for coming out and sharing it with us. If you missed anything, don't worry - we still have Molly Poole and Mary Schiavoni's artwork and photography up and about the shop - and yes, there are still a few Commemorative Ales, signed and ready for homes.... $24/Applehead case discounts with a free Shipyard glass are also available.

We launched to online resources last week:

www.CraftBeerKegsNH.com - a website for keg information, brands, pricing, rentals and even some game ideas to help make your party incredible. All our party kegs will come with free Solo Cups, Ping Pong Ball and Sharpie (so you can write your name, sharply)

www.TheDrinkeryCellar.com - we have started offering a beer aging service for those of you who want to experience an aged beer, but just can't seem to keep it in the basement long enough! It's a FREE service, and we've already got some beauties resting comfortably in the back.


The Drinkery has an amazing, but very limited promotion for this great event. We are taking 16 friends in a stretch Hummerzine to the SNHBF 2012 event, VIP style!!

Want to come with us? Visit http://www.thedrinkeryshop.com/Southern-New-Hampshire-Brewers-Festival-2012-Details.asp for details!!