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Leviathan Barleywine

Beer Info

Style: Ale
Colour: Amber
Alc. By Vol.: 10%
IBU: 65

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Harpoon Leviathan Barleywine pays homage to the classic English-style barleywines. The massive amount of pale malt coupled with the long boil in the kettle yields a deep garnet color and a strong malt backbone. Complex aromas and flavors of dark fruit, pepper, vanilla, and caramel derived from caramel- ized sugars complement the unique combination of Chinook and Tettnang hops.


This carefully selected blend of ingredients is enhanced by Harpoon’s proprietary house yeast, which gives this beer a clean finish and rich body characteristic of barley- wines. Enjoy this strong ale in a wide mouth glass (goblet, red wine glass) at cellar temperature to allow the complex aromatics to reach their full potential. Interesting, different flavors and aromas of this beer may take shape if aged for up to 5 years—if you can wait that long.

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